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Podcast Ep 10 – Nomadic Life: Simple, But Not Easy

You may have heard that the nomadic life is simple. You may also have heard that it is easy. The truth is that the nomadic life, at least for boondockers in vans or RVs, is simple, but it is definitely not easy.

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Meanderings Issue 3 -Western Colorado & Southern Utah

Western Colorado is often overlooked by travelers, but the scenery is in many places similar to southern Utah – but without the crowds. Issue 3 of Meanderings Magazine features both of these impressive areas as well as an original short story by Debra Dickinson.

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Podcast Ep 9 – Battery Boosters, Portable SOlar, and Air Compressors

Which battery booster, portable solar panel, and air compressor should you buy for your travel adventures? We talk about this and more in this podcast episode.

This episode is slightly different from most in that I skipped the normal content topic in favor of three Nomad News stories and a bunch of great listener questions. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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Podcast Ep 8 – Why You Might nEed More SOlar or a generator

Do you have enough solar power on your van or RV now that we are coming into the winter season? In this episode we will consider why you might need more solar or a generator.

The shorter days of winter with the sun lower in the horizon mean your solar electric system will not be performing as well as it did during the summer months. This is the time of year when you may start noticing less available power each day.

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Podcast Ep 7 – How Much Does It Cost To Live In A Van?

You’ve probably heard that the nomadic lifestyle is cheaper than living traditionally in a “sticks and bricks” residence. Is this true – or is it just hype?

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Podcast Ep 6 – Homeless vs houseless?

Are nomads homeless, or are we within our rights to instead call ourselves happily, voluntarily houseless?

The answer to this question likely depends on who you ask. Despite most nomads considering themselves to be houseless – but not homeless, the government often has a different perspective.

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Podcast Ep 5 – Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

Extreme weather and natural disasters are of concern to everyone, but especially to nomads. The reason for this is that nomads tend to live closer to the land or nature and are inherently more vulnerable to extreme weather events.

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Trip Planning With Custom Google Maps

Planning a long-distance trip can be challenging. These trips often involve a lot of research, and it may be difficult to keep track of all the places you plan to visit or stay during the trip. Fortunately there is an easy solution by using custom Google maps to plan your trip.

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Podcast Ep 4 – Top 10 Tips for Nomads

The nomadic lifestyle can be a pretty incredible experience for many people, but nearly everything is different from living traditionally – which can create stress. How do you minimize that stress so that you can enjoy life as a nomad? We’ll talk about my top 10 tips for nomads and more in this episode!

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Podcast Ep 3 – Epic vs. Utilitarian Campsites

Many of us – perhaps even most of us – want to find an epic, amazing campsite. Every. Single. Time. And why not? After all, camping in incredible places is one of the reasons many of us are nomads.

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