Photo of Robert Witham at Lake Manly / Badwater Basin in Death Valley
Exploring Lake Manly (Badwater Basin) in Death Valley

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Robert Witham

A Snowy Sunset in Southern Nevada Mountains

Icicles on a Joshua Tree as the sun sets in the snowy mountains

Recent rains in the valleys of southern Nevada brought heavy snow to higher elevations like the Spring Mountains and Mount Charleston. The snow-capped mountains are a thing of beauty, but we wanted more than just a distant view. We took our Ford E-350 camper van conversion and drove high into the snow to watch the sunset.

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Robert Witham

Ancient Lake Manly Reappears at Badwater Basin in Death Valley

Lake Manly in Badwater Basin

Lake Manly has reappeared at Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park.

An August 2023 tropical storm that hit California dumped inches of rain in Death Valley National Park. This unusual rain led to significant flooding that resulted in closure of the park for nearly two months with some areas still closed as of February 2024. The storm also dumped enough water for a long-dry lake bed/salt flat known as Badwater Basin to refill with water.

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Robert Witham

Mojave Desert Oasis at Point of Rocks in Ash Meadows

Crystal Spring at Ash Meadows NWR

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is truly an oasis in the midst of the Mojave Desert. It's also a national wildlife refuge that almost was . In fact, this desert oasis was nearly "developed" into strip malls, a golf course, etc. but at the last minute was instead set aside as a wildlife refuge. Join us as we explore one feature at this fascinating national wildlife refuge - Point of Rocks - where we see pupfish swimming in an amazing blue pool, ancient Native American grinding holes, and more!

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