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A selection of my favorite photos are now available as prints. Additionally, photos and video clips are also available for digital download. Drop me an email ( if you don’t see a photo that you would like as a print and I will add it to the gallery.

Bluetti Portable Power Stations

Bluetti is the solution that I recommend for off-grid, portable power. We could discuss complicated, technical specifications until everyone has lost interest, but the bottom line is that Bluetti offers products that are better than most at a price that is equivalent or lower than most. Just go with Bluetti for your off-grid, portable power needs. I’m confident you will be glad you did.

Recommended Gear

A carefully curated selection of gear may be the difference between whether a journey is memorable for the right reasons or the wrong reasons. My approach to gear is to invest in those things that provide the most value or utility – and hopefully serve more than one function.

Some of the resources in this section may be affiliate links in which case I may earn a commission for the referral. I only recommend products or resources that I believe to be valuable and helpful.


  • Bluetti AC240 Portable Power Station – Incredible performance, IP65 rated waterproof/dustproof, 30 Amp RV plugin port, and almost infinitely expandable.
  • Bluetti EB70S Portable Power Station – A great small to mid-sized portable power station that has proven to be very popular.
  • Bluetti EB3A Portable Power Station – A fantastic small, portable power station with impressive features.




Apps & Websites


  • MyNomadDirectory – The newest and, in my humble opinion, the best campsite directory available anywhere. MyNomadDirectory is the brainchild of my friend Tim. This site is still in active development, but it’s already amazing!
  • Campendium – Free and inexpensive campsite directory.
  • iOverlander – Apps for iOS and Android with a focus on free, primitive campsites.
  • Allstays Camp & Tent – Campsite directory from AllStays.
  • Allstays Truck & Travel – Directory of truck stops and travel plazas for overnight stops.
  • Park Advisor – Directory of RV parks and campgrounds.

Travel & Trip Planning

  • onX Offroad – GPS mapping app for trails and public lands.
  • Gaia GPS – GPS mapping app for trails and public lands.
  • US Public Lands – Interactive public lands maps from Two Steps Beyond.
  • Avenza Maps – Interactive, downloadable maps to help you know exactly where you are traveling or camping.
  • CoPilot GPS – GPS navigation for your iOS or Android device that works even when you do not have a cell signal. Download maps in advance and use the GPS features in your smartphone or tablet to reliably navigate wherever you travel.
  • Google Maps – Perhaps the best known map application, Google Maps is our most-trusted and most-used navigation app. Google Maps is available in a browser as well as an app for iOS or Android.
  • Coverage? – Cell coverage maps from Two Steps Beyond.
  • Gas Buddy – Never pay too much for gas again.
  • Speedtest – This app by Ookla allows you to quickly test the data speeds of your cellular network. Available for iOS and Android as well as on the web.

Phone & Internet

  • Mobile Internet Resource Center – This comprehensive site by Cherie Ve Ard and Chris Dunphy of Technomadia provides top-quality information on cell/data plans as well as devices from hotspots to boosters. This is my go-to site for accurate and reliable information on all things related to cell/data plans and related devices. Mobile Internet Resource Center is a membership site, but there is a lot of free content available. It is probably worth joining though if you are concerned with the most up-to-date and advanced information.

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