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Video creator/editor, photographer, drone pilot, and author


I have written and published six books. My most recent book, The Sun-Powered Life, is a simple guide to getting started with off-grid solar electricity.

The Sun-Powered Life: A Simple Guide to Off-Grid Solar Electricity

The Sun-Powered Life by Robert Witham

An introductory guide to simple, off-grid electricity for homesteads, RVs, vans, and more.

How To Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad

How to be a Successful 21st Century Nomad by Robert Witham

How To Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad covers topics from deciding to embrace the nomadic life to setting up electrical in your vehicle. This book attempts to distill the lessons, knowledge, and skills that I have learned over the years as a nomad into one logical, accessible volume.

Published 2019

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Older Books

  • Car Living (2016)
  • Minimalism (2015)
  • Microbusinesses You Can Start Today (2013, 2016)
  • Starting a Web Design Business (2009)

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