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Tag: Wyoming

Ayres Natural Bridge

Ayres Natural Bridge was created over time as La Prele Creek eroded a solid rock wall. The result of this erosion is a unique arch formation with La Prele Creek flowing beneath the natural bridge. Ayres Natural Bridge is one of only a few in the world that still has water flowing beneath it.

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Lightning Storm in the Bear Lodge Mountains (2018)

Lightning storms have the potential to be unnerving when you are camped in the mountains. We typically camp in the Bear Lodge Mountains in northeast Wyoming a few times each summer and always enjoy the views and relative solitude. In 2018 we experienced several significant lightning storms while we were in the mountains, and I decided to try capturing some photographs of one storm.

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Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming (September 2016)

Medicine Bow National Forest is an incredible scenic area. This forest sits in southern Wyoming near the Colorado border. We first traveled through Medicine Bow on our way south from Gillette as we were migrating back to Arizona for winter.

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Devils Tower at Sunset

Devils Tower has been a significant site to indigenous peoples for many years, and also has the distinction of being the first designated National Monument in the U.S. This stunning butte, which is visible from many miles away, is located in the northeast corner of Wyoming.

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