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Tag: Desert

Pahrump, Nevada (2017)

Late November in 2017 was still warm in the Southwest desert – too warm for our preferences. We decided to adjust the temperature by heading to a higher elevation. This is one of the reasons that we live on wheels. We headed to Pahrump, Nevada where the elevation is about 2,700 feet above sea level as opposed to 300 feet above sea level where we had been camped.

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Southwest Arizona – January 2017

I have been spending most of the winter in southwest Arizona for the past few years. The desert weather is mostly pleasant during the winter months, and the sunsets are beyond description.

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Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest in Nevada – October 2016

Nevada is all flat, sandy desert. Or so I thought until I visited the state for the first time in October 2016. To be sure, there is plenty of flat, sandy terrain in Nevada, but there is also stunningly beautiful forest and mountains with a diverse ecosystem. The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest is a good example.

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Ehrenberg Desert – December 2016

The southwest desert around Ehrenberg and Quartzsite has been my winter home base over the past few years. These are a few of the photos that I took around the Ehrenberg desert area in December 2016.

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Wupatki National Monument in Arizona

Wupatki National Monument is home to a number of ancient Pueblo ruins. Located north of Flagstaff on Highway 89, this site offers a mind-blowing experience for lovers of history and ancient civilizations. That any people could survive in this harsh landscape – and leave behind impressive buildings that would withstand hundreds of years of desert weather – is truly impressive.

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Sedona, Arizona: Red Rock Country

Sedona, Arizona is Red Rock Country. I first visited this area in May 2016 and was immediately struck by its enchanted views.

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Grand Canyon National Park (2015)

Grand Canyon National Park is yet another site that defies adequate description. Words just cannot convey the majestic grandeur of the Grand Canyon.

I was not in a hurry to visit the Grand Canyon as I expected it was as overhyped as it was overcrowded. It turns out that it was overcrowded (autumn 2015), but it more than lived up to its reputation. Visiting early in the spring or late in the fall (while avoiding holidays) provides your best chance of avoiding crowds.

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