Robert Witham

Video creator/editor, photographer, drone pilot, and author


As a content creator for many years, I have written several books, published a travel photography magazine, developed an online course for aspiring lifestyle travelers, and created hundreds of videos that have been published on YouTube (@robertwitham).

As of early 2024 I have produced, edited, and published nearly 700 videos on my own YouTube channel (since 2016), another 300+ videos for a now-defunct joint YouTube channel project, and edited (sometimes also shooting) more than 1,000 client videos.

Prior to becoming a full-time content creator and video editor I worked as a newspaper journalist at newspapers in Upstate New York, Montana, and Wyoming. The Montana Newspaper Association recognized my work several times as part of an annual newspaper award.

  • Best Spot News Coverage (1st)
  • Education Issues (1st)
  • Best Feature Photo (3rd)

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