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Estes Park Hummingbirds (2018)

We stayed in Estes Park, Colorado for a few days while making our way back to Wyoming from Florida in June 2018. Our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park was memorable enough that we both left with a desire to return.

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Buffalo Gap National Grassland (2018)

Buffalo Gap National Grassland in South Dakota is the second largest national grassland in the U.S. at nearly 600,000 acres. The grassland area features both prairie and badlands.

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Badlands National Park (2018): Bighorn Sheep & Storm Clouds

We visited Badlands National Park in the Spring of 2018 during our trip from Upstate NY to Wyoming. I have visited Badlands a number of times and always been stunned by the landscape, but had never before seen Bighorn Sheep there. On this trip we had multiple opportunities to watch Bighorn Sheep throughout the park.

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Surfside Beach on the Texas Gulf Coast With Jake & Cassidy

During our Spring 2018 trip to the Texas Gulf Coast we visited Surfside Beach twice. The first visit was with Debra’s cousin, Cynde, and her husband, Mike. We then returned a second time with Robert’s son, Jake, and daughter-in-law, Cassidy who were living in Texas at the time.

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Surfside Beach on the Texas Gulf Coast With Cynde and Mike

Sun, surf, and beach sand. Now this is the life that nomads aspire to in their dreams. We found this and more at Surfside Beach.

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Sunsets and Palm Trees at Arizona Oasis

Sunsets and palm trees on the banks of the Colorado River? Yes, please!

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Aguirre Spring CG and Dona Ana County, NM

We passed through Dona Ana County, New Mexico in early 2018 on our way from the Southwest desert to Texas (and eventually on to Upstate New York and then Wyoming). We spent about a week in this area, camping at Aguirre Spring Campground in the Organ Mountains, while exploring Las Cruces and the surrounding area.

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Pahrump, Nevada (2017)

Late November in 2017 was still warm in the Southwest desert – too warm for our preferences. We decided to adjust the temperature by heading to a higher elevation. This is one of the reasons that we live on wheels. We headed to Pahrump, Nevada where the elevation is about 2,700 feet above sea level as opposed to 300 feet above sea level where we had been camped.

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Colorado High Country (Fall 2017)

The Colorado high country provides incredible camping and sightseeing opportunities. I spent time there during the summer of 2016 and then again during the fall of 2017. During the summer of 2018 we also managed a visit to Estes Park as well.

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Views Around Moab (Autumn 2017)

Moab is one of those epic places that is so impressive that many people return again and again. I made my second trip to Moab during the fall of 2017 and was fortunate to be able to spend several weeks in the area with Debra and several other friends.

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