Are nomads homeless, or are we within our rights to instead call ourselves happily, voluntarily houseless?

The answer to this question likely depends on who you ask. Despite most nomads considering themselves to be houseless - but not homeless, the government often has a different perspective.

I discuss this question of homeless vs. houseless in Episode 6, and also share my opinion.

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Forest implements camping restrictions in popular areas to address overcrowding (Buckrail News Site) - Oct. 4, 2018

Nomad News

Man Severely Burned After Fall Into Thermal Water at Old Faithful

This has become something of a recurring news item at national parks:

  • Visitor goes to national park/monument on vacation
  • Visitor sees the many signs warning against going somewhere, feeding wild animals, trying to get close to wild animals for a selfie, etc.
  • Visitor receives a crash course in the consequences of not following the rules
  • Park Service of Wildlife representative appears on the evening news to remind everyone to follow the rules and act like adults while visiting national parks

And here we go again. Why not take an inebriated midnight stroll around Old Faithful - and while we're at it, why not ignore all of those annoying signs and wander right out to the geyser cone?

Oh wait! Such actions might lead to us being scalded by nearly boiling mineral water...

Listen to the podcast for more details or check out the link above to read the news article about this nomad news story.

Listener Questions

I blew it this week! I completely forgot about the listener questions section until after I was finished with editing the podcast.

My apologies, but watch for Listener Questions again in Episode 7.