The nomadic lifestyle can be a pretty incredible experience for many people, but nearly everything is different from living traditionally - which can create stress. How do you minimize that stress so that you can enjoy life as a nomad? We’ll talk about my top 10 tips for nomads and more in this episode!

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Top 10 Tips for Nomads

These are some of my top tips for nomads based on my experience and values. Leave a comment with with your tips!

  1. Have a Plan - Where are you going, how far do you want to travel each day, what are the places you want to see, what are some possible places to camp (preferably multiple options), what is your time frame based on seasons? Having a plan saves fuel, mileage, and possibly frustration.
  2. Stay Flexible - Things will often not go as planned, and unexpected opportunities will arise.
  3. Leave No Trace - Or leave it better than you found it. Sites that are clean often stay clean.
  4. Watch the Weather Forecast - Stay comfortable, avoid unpleasant situations, and avoid dangerous situations by remaining aware of the weather.
  5. Be Prepared - Carry plenty of food and water, adequate fuel, medications, battery booster/portable solar, and a spare tire and/or air compressor. Try to be as self-sufficient as possible.
  6. Preventative Maintenance - Vehicle breakdowns are one of the top fears that people have about the nomadic lifestyle. The best way to avoid breakdowns is to maintain your vehicle in good condition. Develop a good relationship with one or more mechanics if you are not able to maintain vehicle yourself.
  7. Emergency Fund - This is difficult for many people, but do your best. Try to maintain savings adequate to cover a major repair or replacement of your vehicle. You will also want to keep these funds available somewhat quickly - or have a credit card for repairs and then pay off the balance with funds from an interest-bearing account.
  8. Be Aware of Surroundings/Environment - The nomadic lifestyle is pretty safe overall if you keep your wits about you, but stay alert to possible dangers or threats from humans, wildlife, natural disasters, etc.
  9. Have a Budget and Income Plan - Plan your spending within (or below) your means and stick to it. Have a plan to rebuild savings as necessary.
  10. Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself - This is a great lifestyle for many people. It provides an opportunity to develop many friendships with like-minded people, and to see so many incredible places.

Nomad News

Laws Targeting Vehicle Campers Could End Dirtbagging - Outside

This article from Outside discusses how many outdoor sports subcultures - notably climbing, skiing, and surfing - have long embraced dirt bagging. (Dirt bagging is primitive camping at trailheads, parking lots, etc.) The article also discusses how a number of locations in the U.S. and Canada are cracking down on sleeping in vehicles, whether through new ordinances or more aggressive enforcement of existing ordinances. Dirt bagging (or boondocking at unofficial campsites) is not just for outdoor enthusiasts anymore - it also involves van lifers, RVers, vehicle homeless, and workers in expensive resort/tourist areas.

National Public Lands Day - NEEF

National Public Lands Day is held on the fourth Saturday in September each year. This year it falls on September 28. This is the largest single-day effort in support of U.S. public lands and involves a variety of activities and projects. Visit the NEEF website to learn more or to get involved!