Many of us – perhaps even most of us – want to find an epic, amazing campsite. Every. Single. Time. And why not? After all, camping in incredible places is one of the reasons many of us are nomads.

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I love locating epic campsites and find it especially satisfying to discover an epic campsite through my own research and exploration. In fact, the best campsites are, in my experience, found through exploration rather than shared GPS coordinates on a campsite directory.

Here’s the problem though when it comes to finding epic campsites:

  • You can’t always find an epic campsite in the right area
  • You can’t always find an epic campsite that meets all of your needs
  • You can’t always find an epic campsite quickly – it may take hours or even days of work

Sometimes it is just necessary – or at least more reasonable –  to settle for a “utilitarian campsite” that at least provides a place to park and sleep.

In this episode we talk about epic vs. utilitarian campsites and why you may sometimes choose utilitarian over epic or awesome.

Nomad News

Stranded Hikers Rescued Thanks to Message in a Bottle (CNN Travel)

It’s true. A group of hikers was literally saved after sending a message in a bottle. A lime green Nalgene water bottle to be precise.

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