What are the best fall foliage destinations? How do you go about planning for a long road trip? I talk about these questions and more in this inaugural episode of my new podcast, The Robert Witham Show.

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About the Show

I have been receiving requests to start a podcast for the past couple of years, and it has been on my “to do” list for at least the past year. Now I have finally carved out the time to launch this podcast.

The Robert Witham Show is a weekly podcast about travel, the nomadic life, and simple living and minimalism. Each episode will be available in video and audio formats so you can tune in whichever way you prefer. Video episodes will be posted to my YouTube channel (robertwitham.tv) while audio episodes will be available here on the website and on your favorite podcast service.

In This Episode

The podcast features several sections: nomad news, one or more relevant topics, and listener questions.

Nomad News

Who is responsible for shooting more than 40 wild burros in the California desert? It is still a mystery to authorities, but an investigation is underway and the reward money is piling up in hopes of generating new leads.

Best Fall Foliage Destinations

What are the best fall foliage destinations in 2019? I share my top two picks along with seven others that are frequently mentioned in autumn foliage reviews. Hopefully at least one of these fall foliage destinations is close to where you are so that you can enjoy autumn colors.

Planning a Road Trip

How do you go about planning a long road trip? There are likely as many answers as there are nomads, but in this podcast I share my current strategy. This is an approach that I used on a summer trip from Wyoming to Oregon and back, and one that I am also using on my fall travels from Wyoming to Arizona.

Listener Questions

This podcast show may bear my name, but it is really about you the viewer or listener. I want to hear from you! Leave your question in the comment section below and I will include as many as possible in the next episode.

Thanks for watching or listening to this episode. I hope you enjoyed it!