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Ubehebe Crater at Death Valley

Ubehebe Crater at Death Valley is a massive volcanic crater that measures 600 feet deep and one-half mile across. This crater is the remnants of a volcanic steam eruption that spewed cinder around the area that in some places is as much as 150 feet deep.

We have both visited Death Valley multiple times before, but had never made it to Ubehebe Crater. Part of the reason is likely that it is near Scotty’s Castle which has been closed for years due to flood damage. Regardless, on one recent Sunday (Superbowl Sunday to be precise) we set out to find this neglected crater to experience it for ourselves.

Ubehebe Crater is stunning. I was honestly surprised when I first approached the rim of the crater and looked down. If you’re planning a trip to Death Valley and wondering if it’s worth detouring to see Ubehebe Crater, the answer is yes. The crater itself is worth experiencing, but the views all along the road to the crater are also wonderful.

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