Online courses are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. There are good reasons for this trend, including convenience, affordability, and the ability to learn about a specific topic at one’s own pace.

My professional background in journalism and religious education was always rewarding because I enjoy teaching and sharing information with others. After years of being involved professionally in the nomadic movement and publishing hundreds of videos and five books I decided to also start offering online courses. My first online course, Nomad Lifestyle 101, was launched in October 2019.

Nomad Lifestyle 101

Nomad Lifestyle 101 is a one-stop learning experience for new and aspiring nomads. The nomadic life is a great experience for many people, but it does involve a steep learning curve because nearly everything is different from a traditional lifestyle. This course will prepare you with the knowledge you need to succeed as a nomad.

This course includes more than 20 different modules with videos and other bonus material covering all aspects of the nomadic lifestyle. The material in this course will provide a solid foundation that will help you avoid many of the expensive and frustrating mistakes so common among new and aspiring nomads.

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