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Online courses are an increasingly popular option for exploring new ideas or learning new skills.. There are good reasons for this trend, including convenience, affordability, and the ability to learn about a specific topic at your own pace.

My professional background in journalism and religious education was always rewarding because I enjoy teaching and sharing information with others. After years of being involved professionally in the nomadic movement and publishing hundreds of videos and five books, I decided to also start offering online courses. My first online course, Nomad Lifestyle 101, explores the essentials for success as a nomad.

Nomad Lifestyle 101

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An introduction to the nomad lifestyle

Providing value to the nomad community since 2019, and consistently updated with new information so you can make the most of your lifetime course membership!

Nomad Lifestyle 101 is a one-stop information resource for new and aspiring nomads. The nomadic life is a great experience for many people, but it does involve a steep learning curve because nearly everything is different from a traditional lifestyle. This course will prepare you with the knowledge you need to succeed as a nomad.

What’s Inside the Course?

This course includes more than 30 videos and other bonus material covering all aspects of the nomadic lifestyle. The material in this course will provide a solid foundation that will help you avoid many of the expensive and frustrating mistakes so common among new and aspiring nomads. New material is being added based on feedback from course participants.

In addition to the videos, you will also have access to four of my books (available as PDF downloads within the course).

  • How To Be A Successful 21st Century Nomad
  • Minimalism
  • Car Living
  • Microbusinesses You Can Start Today

Why an Online Course

Obviously you have the option of watching free videos on YouTube (including those on my own channel) rather than spending money on a course. So why invest in a course if you can find the same information at no cost online? I see the two main benefits as being convenience and support.


The course materials are organized in a way that is logical and makes sense. Instead of hunting around on YouTube for hours trying to find a video on a certain topic, the course structure allows you to immediately access the information you need. This also provides an opportunity to browse related content at the same time. The bottom line is that an online course is convenient and makes better use of your limited time.


In addition to the course materials, you will gain access to me through comments within the course and email. I answer every comment from course participants with as much detail as possible. While I read all YouTube comments and answer as many as time allows, I am able to provide a different level of support within the course.

This course is also dynamic in that it continues to expand over time. Additional course modules will be added based on comments or requests from course participants. Would you like to see more coverage on a particular topic within the course? Just let me know and I will make a new video about that topic. This course is ultimately for you, and it is updated regularly based on feedback from participants like you.

Your lifetime access to this course means that you can come back at any time in the future to enjoy new videos or other content – or just to review videos you may have watched previously.

Additional private coaching sessions and bundles are available for participants who want more one-on-one support.

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