Hi, I’m Robert. Thank you for taking the time to visit my homepage. I am a digital nomad and minimalist. All that I own is carried with me as I travel the country.

As a digital nomad, I am able to work as I travel thanks to the convergence of wireless Internet access and portable electronics. In fact, I find my productivity to be higher as I work from my van while enjoying scenic views and peace, solitude, and quiet. The distractions that are so prevalent in a modern office environment are, in most cases, quite counterproductive.

My full-time nomadic journey began in December 2015, but I have been a part-time nomad – and sometimes a full-time nomad for short periods of time – throughout my entire life. My full-time journey started in a 2013 Toyota Camry (not the best vehicle for full-timing), progressed into a 6×10 cargo trailer that I renovated twice, and then into a 2003 Chrysler Town & Country minivan for all of 2017. On February 14, 2018, I sold the minivan and started traveling with Debra Dickinson in her converted 2005 Ford E-350.

Since I am still of a working age and not independently wealthy, I choose to work while I travel instead of waiting for a “someday” that may never arrive. I support myself through freelance writing, photography, and videography, along with a growing digital media business. While much of my freelance work is performed under nondisclosure agreements, you can see some of my videography on my personal YouTube channel (Robert Witham) or on the Two Meander channel that I maintain with Debra Dickinson.

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In Memoriam

Terri Witham
Terri Ann Witham
1968 – 2012

In memory of my late wife, Terri Ann Witham. Terri was one of those rare people who was loved by everyone who knew her.