I’m Robert Witham, your Nomad Travel Reporter. I have enjoyed a lifelong love affair with the open road and road trips. As a longtime minimalist, I find my embrace of simple living perfectly complements my love of travel.

I combine my reporting skills developed over more than a decade as a journalist and freelance writer with my travel experience as YOUR Nomad Travel Reporter. If it’s worth seeing, I’ll show you. If it’s worth experiencing, I’ll share it with you. If it’s happening, I’ll let you know about it.

In addition to the articles, photos, and resources that you find on this website, I am also a video creator, author, podcaster, and the publisher of Meanderings Magazine, a quarterly travel photography magazine.

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In Memoriam

In memory of my late wife, Terri Witham. Terri was one of those rare people who was loved by everyone that knew her.

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