Insulation is critical for most vandwellers, particularly those who live in cargo vans or who stay in extreme climates. Vans without insulation will be very hot or cold, depending on the weather.

Most tutorials that you find for insulating a cargo van rely on an approach similar to insulating a house. The usual approach is to install insulation against the exterior walls, build wooden framing, and install paneling or a similar material on the interior.

My friend, Debra, needed to insulate her cargo van, but did not want to lose precious inches to framing or to tackle a large project. Debra devised a simple and attractive idea for insulation that many people told her would not work – but it has worked beautifully.

You can see a video tour of Debra’s van insulation, as well as a demonstration of how you can do the same thing, in the video below. This video is worth watching even if you plan to do something different just to be aware of the options – and how simple it can be to insulate a van.