Have you ever wondered what the desert looks like after a winter rain? It does rain in the desert, at least once in a while, and last night was one of those occasions. The rain came intermittently, surprisingly hard at times, throughout the night. It beat a relaxing rhythm on the aluminum skin of the trailer and against the windows.

By mid-morning the skies were still gray, and the distant mountains were shrouded in mist, but the rain had mostly stopped falling. It was time to take a walk and explore the desert after a fresh, December rain.

Clear, cool water stood in washes that are normally as dry as dust. Plants that somehow survive on the occasional water that makes it through the many washes in this desert appeared brighter and more vigorous after the rain. The normally warm, dry air was cool and moist. Ground that is usually hard and unforgiving yielded softly to even the gentlest footsteps. The desert had changed, if only for a day, thanks to the overnight winter rain.

You can join me on my 1.5-mile walk since I recorded it and made it into a video. I hope you enjoy the experience.