There is a short summer season in Wyoming. If you hate winter, this is the only time you want to be in Wyoming. The Cowboy State is known for spring coming late and winter coming early.

My daughter’s wedding was on Labor Day weekend so I ended up spending about a month “moochdocking” in her yard. Fortunately, the wedding was planned during the short summer. The best part about this arrangement was being able to spend a lot of time with my three granddaughters. There is nothing quite like hearing a little voice shouting “Pops! Pops!” at random intervals throughout the day. To be more precise, those random intervals occurred whenever the three-year-old could escape from her parents for a moment. Precious memories.

The month spent in Wyoming also provided some time to work on remodeling the trailer to better suit my needs. While it is still a work in progress – and likely will be modified a bit more before it is finished – I now have a bed, kitchen, closets, and desk. I also had some “help” with remodeling from my granddaughters and a nosy horse.

I had planned to leave Wyoming after the wedding at the same time that most of the other family departed, but ended up staying an extra 10 days. This was mostly because of a reluctance to leave my granddaughters. People used to tell me that this would happen, but I did not believe it until I actually had grandchildren.