I started on the road full-time in a Toyota Camry. Since I did not have solar panels on the car, I relied on using the alternator in the car to charge my phone and other electronics. Later, I upgraded to a converted cargo trailer that came complete with 190 Watts of solar panels and two deep cycle batteries. Moving to the minivan left me once again without a reliable electric supply.

Fortunately, a friend was upgrading from a portable solar panel to a rooftop installation and passed along the portable panel to me. This Renogy 100 Watt portable mostly meets my needs for electricity, but was sometimes aggravating to deal with – especially during windy weather or on days when I needed to break camp and travel.

I finally decided to mount the portable solar panel on the roof of the minivan. This will allow me to have reliable power even when it is windy or I am driving.

This video covers my simple solar panel installation on the minivan. I hope you enjoy the video!