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Heading Back to Wyoming After a Great Trip to New Mexico

After a great week in New Mexico, it was time to head back to Wyoming. The plan was to camp in southern Colorado, stop in Denver to see a friend, camp in southern Wyoming, and finally finish the trip back to Wyoming. The trip did not work out quite as planned, but still was an good trip with some memorable adventures.

This video covers the journey back to Wyoming from northern New Mexico. I hope you enjoy the video!

The Best and Worst Things About Nomadic Life

The nomadic life is one that I chose voluntarily, and that I mostly enjoy. Still, like with any lifestyle, there are both good and bad things.

In this video, I explore what to me are the best and worst parts of being a nomad. I hope you enjoy the video!

Camping in the Sangre de Cristo Range in New Mexico

Two months of urban stealth camping in Wyoming turned out to be all that I could handle. I decided to take off and join a friend in northern New Mexico. The Cebolla Mesa Campground is a Forest Service site in the Sangre de Cristo Range in northern New Mexico.

The area is stunningly beautiful with mountains all around. The campground sits on the edge of the Rio Grande Gorge and overlooks the Rio Grande River 1,000 feet below. The Cebolla Mesa Trail runs from the campground to the river via 1.25 miles of switchbacks.

These videos cover my time camping at Cebolla Mesa Campground and hiking the Cebolla Mesa Trail. I hope you enjoy the videos!

Camping at Keyhole State Park – Alone

I stayed at Keyhole State Park for a few days last summer when the campground was about half full. Visiting in April turned out to be perfect as I enjoyed near-perfect weather, plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities, and managed to have an entire campground to myself.

I was literally the only person at the Homestead campground! After too many weeks of urban stealth camping, this was a wonderful respite.

This video covers my time camping at Keyhole State Park. I hope you enjoy the video!

Heading to the Black Hills – Enough Urban Stealth Camping

After more than six weeks of urban stealth camping in northeast Wyoming, I decided it was time to take advantage of the spring weather and head for the Black Hills. I have loved the scenery around the Black Hills ever since I first drove through the area many years ago. After some online research, I headed east with a few potential campsites to explore.

This video covers my drive to the Black Hills and several attempts at finding a suitable campsite. I hope you enjoy the video!

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