A Winter Rain in the Desert at Ehrenberg, Arizona

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Have you ever wondered what the desert looks like after a winter rain? Join me as I take a hike to explore the desert after a winter rain.

Desert Pizza Party in Ehrenberg, Arizona

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What do you get when you have a few dozen nomads gathered in the desert miles from a city? A pizza party, of course!

Free as a Bird

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Free as a bird. It is a common expression, but what does it mean? I was thinking about this expression after watching a raven soar overhead in the desert.

Desert Wind, Sun, and Dust in Ehrenberg, Arizona

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The desert can be a land of changes, like weather that is 70 and sunny one day, but cool, windy, and dusty on the next day.

Tonight I stood outdoors to watch the full moon rise over the Dome Rock Mountains. I recorded a time-lapse video of the moon rising.

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