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Meanderings is a quarterly travel photography magazine. Each issue of Meanderings features photographs and background information from places we have recently visited.

Meanderings was initially developed as a gift for higher-level Patrons to thank them for their ongoing support, but was made available to everyone based on requests from readers.

Meanderings Short Story Collection – Volume 1

The short stories in this collection first appeared in Meanderings Magazine. Since Issue 2 in August 2019, each issue has also included an original, travel-themed short story by author Debra Dickinson created exclusively for Meanderings Magazine.

Now, for the first time, these short stories that are beloved by magazine readers are available in a short story collection. You are sure to love these six short stories that are all travel-themed, but also include elements on romance, adventure, conservation, and more!

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Issue 8 – June 2022

Issue 8 of Meanderings Magazine features photos from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming.

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Issue 7 – July 2021

Issue 7 of Meanderings Magazine features photos from Arizona, California, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming.

In addition to the photo sections, this issue also includes an original short story that was written for Meanderings Magazine by author Debra Dickinson. To The Bears is a fact-based story packed with adventure and romance that you won’t want to miss.

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Issue 6 – November 2020

Issue 6 of Meanderings Magazine includes photos from Oregon and the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming.

In addition to the photo sections, this issue also include an original short story that is exclusive to Meanderings Magazine. Move ‘Em Out by Debra Dickinson with Angelique Giron is set in the Wyoming mountains and is a story you won’t want to miss!

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Issue 5 – April 2020

Issue 5 of Meanderings Magazine includes photos from Death Valley, wild horses in the Nevada desert, a Nevada gold mining ghost town, and scenes from Upstate New York. The Upstate NY section features the covered bridges of Washington County, along with Niagara Falls and maple syrup production.

In addition to the photo sections, this issue includes an original short story by Debra Dickinson and Angelique GironIt’s All in the Name is set in Death Valley National Park and the surrounding area. The story perfectly complements the incredible scenery from Death Valley National Park.

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Issue 4 – January 2020

This issue includes photos from southern Nevada and western Arizona, including Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Cerbat Foothills, Oatman, London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, and more.

In addition to the photo sections, this issue includes an original short story by Debra DickinsonConservation and Honor follows environmental conservation lobbyist turned nature photographer, Stella, as she makes her way around the southwest U.S. while. remembering dear friends who were lost far too soon. The story starts at a wildlife refuge in southern Nevada and concludes in the historic town of Oatman in western Arizona.

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Issue 3 – October 2019

This issue includes photos from western Colorado and southern Utah. The western Colorado section features Colorado National Monument, Rabbit Valley Wilderness Area, and Trail Through Time. The southern Utah section features Moab, Parowan Gap Petroglyphs and Dinosaur Tracks, and Dixie National Forest.

In addition to the photos, this issue also includes a special short fiction story by Debra DickinsonA Race Against Time chronicles the adventures of preservationist Pamela White as she works to conserve historical treasures for future generations.

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Issue 2 – August 2019

This issue includes focuses on the northwestern United States. Oregon is the featured location, while Montana and Wyoming are also included in this issue of Meanderings.

Issue 2 also introduces a new feature with an original, nomad-themed short story from Debra Dickinson. Debra is the author of two fiction books, and is currently working on a third. Debra’s second and third books feature stories with a travel or nomadic lifestyle theme.

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Issue 1 – April 2019

This is the inaugural issue of Meanderings Magazine. This issue includes photos from the 2019 wildflower super bloom at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California, several locations in South Dakota (Badlands National Park, Buffalo Gap National Grassland, and Custer State Park), desert wildlife, mountain beauty (Colorado and Wyoming), and views from around the southwest desert.

Meanderings was originally created as a bonus gift for Patrons, but was then made available for general purchase based on requests from readers.

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