I have written and published four books. My most recent book, Car Living, explores how to successfully live in a small space.

Car Living

Car Living by Robert WithamCar living is not for everyone. This is a unique and sometimes challenging lifestyle that most people only do on a temporary basis. The majority of people who live in a car do it only until they can get back into a house or until they can upgrade to a van or RV.

There is, however, a growing tribe of full-time nomads who have embraced vehicle dwelling. Some of these nomads live in cars, while many more live in vans, campers, or RVs. These nomads may live in one area or may migrate with the seasons. There are a number of websites, blogs, and social media groups where these nomads gather online.

The ideas presented in this book are based on my own experience with living out of a car over the years. These experiences include car dwelling that was voluntary and involuntary, short-term and long-term, urban and boondocking.

My early experiences with car dwelling were desperate and miserable, not because I was opposed to the idea, but because I had much to learn. Even as recently as 2000 when I was unexpectedly thrust into van dwelling we did not have Wi-Fi readily accessible and there were nowhere near as many resources available on the Internet.

My hope with this book is to make your experience easier and, dare I say it, positive.

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Minimalism by Robert WithamMinimalism. It is a term that has become much more popular in recent years with a number of blogs and more than a few books devoted to the topic. Many people are discovering that the dream they have been sold – that of ever-increasing affluence, unbridled consumerism, and the 50-year corporate 9-5 grind – is at best an elusive fantasy and at worst a nightmare from which there seems no escape. Minimalism, many people find, is the answer.

Minimalism is my contribution to the conversation about voluntary simplicity and, specifically, simplicity of possessions. I have been interested in simple living for as long as I can remember, and have been a minimalist since around 1999. Like many serious minimalists, everything that I own can fit into one bag. I can, and indeed have, packed to move across the country on 30 minutes notice (more than once).

Minimalism is available as an e-book from Amazon, Smashwords, and other book sellers.

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Microbusinesses You Can Start Today

Microbusinesses You Can Start Today by Robert WithamThere has been renewed interest in small, home-based or location-independent businesses in recent years as many people have learned that a job does not provide much security after all. A microbusiness, whether operated full-time or part-time, can increase economic security and provide income while allowing the entrepreneur to engage in work that he or she finds meaningful.

Part I of Microbusinesses You Can Start Today profiles more than 70 small business ideas that are ideally suited to being operated by a solo entrepreneur. Part II includes several chapters exploring marketing and business operations.

Microbusinesses You Can Start Today is available as an e-book from Amazon and Smashwords.

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Starting a Web Design Business

Starting a Web Design Business by Robert WithamStarting a Web Design Business by Robert WithamThe explosive growth of the Internet over a few short decades has created a number of new business opportunities that did not exist several years ago. Web design businesses are one of these new opportunities.

Anyone with the technical skill (or willingness to learn) can start a profitable web design business quickly and with very little capital. Starting a Web Design Business covers what you need to know to start and operate a successful web design business.

Starting a Web Design Business is available as an e-book from Smashwords. This book is available as a free download because some of the content has become outdated since the book was first published.

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