A Year of Travel

2016 camp at Ehrenberg, Arizona
I started 2016 in a Toyota Camry

I have been a nomad for many years. During these years I have traveled as frequently as possible, and have even abandoned jobs to pursue an opportunity for a traveling adventure. One year ago, in December 2015, I hit the road full-time. Now, having spent a year as a full-time nomad, New Year’s Day is an appropriate time to reflect on a year of travel.

I visited a surprising number of places over the past year, and logged a ridiculous number of miles. I compiled a list of everywhere that I remember visiting this year, but made no attempt to calculate the mileage.

The year started with me living out of a Toyota Camry, progressed with the addition of a tent to allow me to stretch out a bit, and ended with me living out of a converted cargo trailer. (I am working on ringing in 2017 by switching vehicles once again - this time to a minivan.)

My plans for 2017 involve less travel and more time spent in each place that I visit. The rest of the winter is likely to be spent in the desert, though a trip to Wyoming is still a possibility. Spring will probably be spent somewhere between Arizona and Wyoming, while summer will likely be in the Wyoming area. Finally, there is a good chance that fall will find me in Montana or North Dakota, followed by a late fall migration back to the Arizona area. A trip to the northeast this summer or fall is also an option. Even though this itinerary will still take me across the entire country (north to south), it will probably be at a much slower and intentional pace than in 2016.

The list that follows is an accurate reflection of my year of travel, though it is possible that I overlooked one or more short trips. I hope this list provides an entertaining view of a year in the life of a nomad.

2016 Travel

That was a lot of traveling in one year!