Standing on a Corner (Yes, in Winslow, Arizona)

Standing on a corner (yes, in Winslow, Arizona)

I had to do it. I know it is cliche, but ever since I drove past Winslow last September, I have been itching to take a selfie while standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. Even though I had been past Winslow three times in less than one year, it was always night when I was there. Finally, while heading from Flagstaff to Wyoming in July I had my chance.

Standin' on the Corner Park in Winslow, Arizona

Surprisingly enough (at least to me), there is even a nice little park on the corner in “downtown” Winslow. After a few failed attempts at taking a decent selfie, a nice couple stopped and offered to take my photo on the corner. Now I feel complete as a traveler… Seriously though, it was fun!

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