Sedona, Arizona in Fall 2016

A rainbow at sunset in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona was a perfect choice once the weather in Flagstaff began to turn uncomfortably cold. Since I had spent several days in Sedona earlier in the summer before fleeing from triple-digit temperatures, I was excited to be returning to enjoy the red rock splendor.

Sedona is a place of incredible beauty and, according to many, a place of spiritual or mystical significance. During the days in Sedona, there were many evening happy hours, campfires, and wonderful meals with good friends.

Alas, after about a week in Sedona a work opportunity opened up that required a temporary relocation. In a weirdly ironic way, we needed to travel to Oregon. I had been wanting to visit Oregon for several years, but making the trip in October was definitely not part of my plan.

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