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I’m Robert Witham, a wilderness and nature photographer/videographer, drone pilot, author, and travel photography magazine publisher. My work focuses on sharing the beauty, majesty, and mystery of nature as seen through a camera lens.

I have enjoyed a lifelong love affair with the wilderness, open roads, and road trips. As a long-time minimalist, I find my embrace of simple living perfectly complements my love of travel and photography.

In addition to the photos, articles, and resources that you find on this website, I am also a video creator (@RobertWitham on YouTube), author, and the publisher of Meanderings Magazine, a quarterly travel photography magazine.

Since my passion projects don’t always pay the bills, I also own and operate Frontier Inspections, LLC, a Wyoming-based inspection and drone services company. This business provides professional home inspections, drone photography and videography, and related services to home buyers, home owners/sellers, insurance companies, and real estate professionals throughout the great state of Wyoming.

I’ve also been working as a video editor (and sometimes videographer and drone pilot) for a very large YouTube channel since its inception about seven years ago. During that time this channel has grown from launch to more than 600,000 subscribers.

In Memoriam

Photo: Terri Witham
Terri Ann Witham

In memory of my late wife, Terri Witham. Terri was one of those rare people who was loved by everyone that knew her.

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