I am a digital nomad and minimalist. I carry everything that I own with me as I travel the country in a minivan.

As a digital nomad, I am able to work as I travel thanks to the convergence of wireless Internet access and portable electronics. Truth be told, I find my productivity to be higher as I work from my van while enjoying scenic views and peace, solitude, and quiet. The distractions that are so prevalent in a modern office environment are, in most cases, quite counterproductive.

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About this blog

This blog has been through several iterations over the years. This is largely due to my own changing interests. There is, however, one notable exception.

I lost one of the most important people in my life in 2012. As a result of this loss, I found myself with nothing to say. I deleted the entire site during this time as I was, in effect, without words. Some of the content was later restored thanks to Internet archives, but some was also lost forever.

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